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10" - 12" Virgin Brazilian Malaysian Peruvian Indian Human Hair


Virgin Remy Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian and Peruvian Hair for sale

This hair is the FINEST quality premium human hair available. Our hair has the best durability, versatility and luster.
Each selection has been collected from one donor, all cuticles are intact. Hair is available in natural blacks to natural browns colors (1b, 2), but you can color this hair to match any hair color you like.

It is light, silky and lustrous in texture which is one of the reasons that it's the most popular type of hair extensions in the market. With proper care hair will not mat or tangle and maintain its silky, luscious state. This hair straightens easily and it holds curls tightly. This hair is guaranteed to last up to 1 year , however with great care and maintenance, it can last longer!

Does the hair shed?
This hair has minimal to no shedding. You have to treat this hair like it is your own hair and take good care of it. If you do not it will shed . This is like your natural hair you don't treat it good it will break off. I recommend using weave selant to seal wefts. E.g. fray block from Walmart, Aleene's stop fraying, and also weft sealer.

How much hair do you need?
All bundles are 3.5 oz. So, for a full sew-in, you will need two bundles! For longer lengths: 20" and up, 3 bundles are recommended.

Can you color this hair?
Yes of course you can! This hair is to be treated like your own hair.

Do we provide international shipping?
Yes we provide international shipping but please contact us first for shipping prices before placing order.

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